Best way to send
Self-destructive messages in Slack

Getting Started

/delete messages automatically

Using /del command, you can send self-destructive messages. You can either use at or in suffixes to set the deletion time for your self-destructive message. Maximum allowable time limit is 24 hours. You can dynamically show/hide deletion time in messages via Rowdy preferences.


/del Your message at 12.30pm

/del Your message in 1h30m


/del This is a secret! at 2pm
/del This is another secret! in 5m

/rowdy general actions

Using /rowdy command, you can open the Rowdy web app and get some quick help. This will help you to manage app preferences and billing details.


/rowdy app Shortcut for the web app

/rowdy help Get some help


Start a 14 day trial period and try out Rowdy.
No credit card required and cancel at anytime.

per workspace
per month when billed monthly
  • Send unlimited number of self-destructive messages
  • Dynamically show/hide deletion time in messages
  • Improved data privacy and security
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per workspace
per month when billed annually
  • Send unlimited number of self-destructive messages
  • Dynamically show/hide deletion time in messages
  • Improved data privacy and security

These prices are for the entire workspace.

*All prices are in USD and local taxes are not included.


All messages you enter into Rowdy remains yours, and we are committed to ensure that your data is kept safe and confidential. We do not copy or clone your documents in any way. Rowdy does not store your self-destructive messages in our internal databases anyway. All your messages are directly sent into Slack. Learn more...


1. Is Rowdy free?

No. You can try out Rowdy for 14 days and see if it's fulfilling your needs. You don't need a credit card to start the trial period. After the trial period you can either choose monthly plan or the yearly plan of Rowdy.

2. What are the available time formats for /del command?

at 8pm | 13.35 | 8:24pm | 1.10am | 3.24
in 1m | 1h | 2h30m

3. What is the maximum deletion time?

You can self-destruct your messages up to 24 hours.

4. What happens if I uninstall Rowdy from my workspace?

Your subscription will be automatically get cancelled. Anyway you can again install Rowdy at any time.

5. I need some help on commands?

Sure. You can type /rowdy to get some quick help.

6. I need some help regarding pricing and billing?

You can visit pricing page for more information.

7. Rowdy is not available in Slack app store. Why?

This was the official response from Slack.

Unfortunately at this time, apps with destructive functionality (e.g self-destruct messages) are not something we view as appropriate for the App Directory. This doesn't mean that you can't go ahead and share your app with others. It just means that it will not be discoverable via the App Directory.
- Slack

8. I have another question?

Sure. We're more than happy to help you. Send your question at